Monday, 23 April 2012

My Weight Loss Tale

I can hardly believe that I will be attempting to run a 10k in less than a week. Really, it hardly seems possible since only 23 months ago I weighed over 200 pounds and hadn't done anything really physical in a decade. What made me go down the path of weight loss and fitness? Hmmm, let's see...avoiding having my photo taken, not being able to fit on the rides at Legoland, back pain, leg pain and trouble sleeping just to name a few. As a child I was very active...kickball, bike riding, running, swimming. In school, I was a cheerleader and played basketball with my brother. In high school, more cheerleading, volleyball, and basketball. At university, I ate what I wanted and walked and did aerobics. Never did I dream that I would ever be obese.
Yet there it was...slim little size 10 when I got married. No problems with weight until we decided to start a family. As the years went by, and we still didn't have a baby, I turned to food for comfort...add 10 pounds. Then I finally get pregnant with Emily...add another 20 pounds. Then we get called to the mission field and are on deputation for over 2 years...add another 20 pounds. Finally, landed on the mission field, fat and sad...add another 20 pounds! There I was, big and miserable feeling like I could never go back. I knew how much work it would be to lose weight. What if I couldn't do it? Was I doomed to be large forever?
Finally a friend at church asked me to go to Weight Watchers with her and gave me a Jillian Michaels dvd. I said to myself, If I can lose just SOME weight, maybe I can loose ALL of it and become fit again. I daydreamed of being thin, wearing small clothes and Steve and the kids being proud of how I looked. At my first weigh in 4 pounds came off and I knew I was on my way!
It was NOT an easy journey! Many times I got tired of counting points and working out, but my family and friends encouraged me to keep going, so I did. I started getting active again and went from walking to boxing to aerobic workouts to running to Zumba. It was hard work, but I didn't want to grow old and be sick and unhealthy. I have changed and learned how to eat. It helped Steve lowered his cholesterol and the kids are more active and enjoy healthy food. I am 60 pounds lighter and it feels great! I love being fit and want to encourage others to start their own journey. It won't be easy, but soooo worth it! Don't be afraid...JUST DO IT!

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