Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Eating Plan

One thing Weight Watchers taught me was how to eat. Of course, now I'm a snob about it and when I hear overweight people say, "I eat healthy" I tend to NOT believe them! At 204 pounds, I thought I was doing ok with my eating. Friends and relatives would actually remark to me that I didn't eat that much...probably true. But the AMOUNT I ate at one sitting and my sedimentary lifestyle attributed to my weight gain.

So this weeks post is a sample of what I try to eat:

Day 1
Breakfast-whole grain cereal (30g), skimmed milk, blueberries (or other fruit)
Lunch-tortillia wrap sammie with 3 thin slices ham (33g),LF mayo (tbsp),rocket and cherry tomatoes, handful of grapes
Dinner-Extra lean beef mince, homemade tomato & veggie sauce, serving of mixed veggies, white pasta (40g)
Snacks- low-fat yogurt (90g), fruit salad, WW toffee bar, sugar-free jello (125g),piece of fruit

Day 2
Breakfast-oatmeal (30g-no sugar added), skimmed milk, blueberries (or other fruit)
Lunch-egg omlet made with an egg skimmed milk, spinach, onions, peppers and mixed green salad with 1 tsp. low-fat salad dressing, orange (or other fruit)
Dinner- salmon fillet cooked in one tsp sunflower oil, brown rice (60 g), steamed spinach and broccoli, fresh fruit salad
Snacks-fat-free yogurt, carrots or other crunchy veg, banana

Day 3
Breakfast-crumpet or 2 slices calorie controlled bread, low-fat spread (2 tsp), honey or nutella (1 tsp), latte made with skimmed milk
Lunch-tortilla wrap sammie again, apple, low-fat yogurt (150g)
Dinner-WW Chicken Curry meal, steamed spinach & green beans, orange, diet coke
Snacks-pear, melon, pot of sugar-free jello

Day 4
Breakfast-whole grain cereal (30g), skimmed milk, banana (or other fruit)
Lunch-Low-fat crackers with low-fat cheese spread or reduced fat cottage cheese, mixed salad greens with cherry tomatoes and cucumber, WW toffee bar
Dinner- 2 low-fat sausages, 1 Yorkshire pudding, 2 tsp. gravy granules, 1 small potato-cooked and mashed, 2 tsp. peas
Snacks-kiwi, apple, low-fat pudding cup

Day 5
Breakfast-1 slice toast (calorie-contolled bread), 1 tbsp nutella, 1 egg (boiled or poached), banana (or other fruit)
Lunch- Low-fat tomato soup, 2 low-fat crackers, 1 tbsp. low-fat humous, carrot & cucumber sticks
Dinner-portion of grilled,white fish (85g), new potatoes (100g),peas (1 tsp), melon
Snacks-banana,sugar-free jello, low-fat yogurt, skinny latte made with skimmed milk

Day 6
Breakfast-Crumpet or 2 slices WW bread, egg (scrambled or poached), grilled tomato, melon (or other fruit)
Lunch-low-fat soup, low-fat bread roll, 1 small can tuna, salad, chopped cucumber, handful of grapes
Dinner- Veggie burger, brown rice (60g), sweetcorn (2 tbsp) and peas (1 tsp)
Snacks-smoothie with no-fat yogurt and fruit, tinned peaches (juice drained)

Day 7
Breakfast-oatmeal-no sugar, skimmed milk, blueberries (or other fruit)
Lunch-low-fat coleslaw, shrimp (60g), low-fat yogurt, banana (or other fruit)
Dinner-Pasta (60g), low-fat sauce, chicken breast, cauliflower, diet coke, apple
Snacks-low-fat humous with veggie sticks to dip, grapes

Try it for a week, exercise for 30 minutes 3 times this week and see if the weight comes off. If it does, you are on your way!

Till next week....ENJOY!!

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